MANDARIN COOKIES R1 V2ETHOS COOKIE #12 x MANDARIN SUNSET R1Mandarin Cookies R1 V2 grows like a champion! Strong apex-heavy growth, she may need some light training. She can stretch quite a bit in flowering but is controllable. She performes well when often-topped (not within 10 days of flower). About 20% are half height but can put out VERY colorful and flavorful flowers. Her flower structure is exquisite. Medium-sized, dense and stacked with perfectly spaced internodes and low leaf-to-calyx ratio. The V2 version has added even more citrus along with the always-welcome gasoline by moving away from the Forum Cut into a MUCH chunkier, OG-Kush-heavy version named Ethos Cookie #12.• 5 AlphaFem™ Seeds• THC: 25-33%• CBD: 1-2%• CBG: 1-2%• TOTAL CANNABINOIDS; Over 30%• YIELD: Above Average• FLOWERING TIME: 9 Weeks• TERPENE PROFILE: Loud AF! Cutie mandarins, grapefruit, grapes, gas, hash


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